Milestones, which helped the research of MOTIMENT

MOTIMENT was come to life by real problems.
Its forming and researching were an interactive process which created a fact based solution.


The recognition

The consulting market cannot deliver real evidences before a reorganization of a company, process optimization or new IT system introduction and they don’t have such a tool whereby they could measure the real effects of the changes.

Starting of the development and the first results get alive.


Establish of the company

We had enough positive feedback about that the early measuring tools are working. The data processing works and the office processes can be speed up by personalized trainings based on the motion analysis.

Mérés Kft. is established.


The turning point

Change direction: the earlier used HR focus is not functional: people are not improvable effectively compare to processes and IT infrastructure. The development of the MOTIMENT new and complex analysis method brings very quick and impressive savings.


Real success

Even in real market environment MOTIMENT can produce 20-30% of effectiveness improvement and free this business potential. The functionality is confirmed by the market.

Based on the patent process newness research report MOTIMENT is a worldwide unique method.



The news of MOTIMENT spreads like wildfire among the big companies and the company started a dynamic grow.

Many development and fine tuning of the method are completed which arose by real market demands.

Result: more effective office processes with unfold of the hidden business potentials.

Who stands behind the MOTIMENT knowledge?

The MOTIMENT team formed by such an independent, effective improvement experts who committed that in the interaction of the human and computer the office processes are much improvable.

The principle of all the development is the objective measurement on real facts. The aim of the professional team is that the working specialists of the organizations do not waste their expensive time on unnecessary administrative processes but they use the opportunity of thinking and creating as much as they can to ensuring they maximize their contribution to the growth of their company.

The research of the experts is absolutely unique. There is no other method like this on the world and this was confirmed by the Patent Office.

Would you like to know more about the MOTIMENT method?

Please contact our colleagues for a short conversation to get to know your organization and then they outline the effectiveness improvement opportunities.


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The key to the success of MOTIMENT is the committed and energetic teamwork.